Updated 10 September 2020

Following new guidance from the LTA, we have updated our Coronavirus - Covid 19 guidelines.  Please respect and follow our guidelines and do let us know if you have any concerns.

Pre-attendance symptom check.   Anyone coming to the club must carry out a self-assessment for Covid-19 symptoms before leaving home.  You must self isolate if you, or anyone you live with, has indentified any possible symptoms.  You must not come to the club if you are in quarantine.

NHS Test and Trace.  We are now required to keep a full record of everyone at the club for 21 days.  All members must book courts in advance and must list the name of any guest they are playing with.   No member may turn up and play without booking.  Members must be able to tell us who they played with at any time - please keep a note of who you play with if you feel you will not be able to remember.  

Social distancing.  Players and visitors are asked to limit interactions to the groups they are playing with and to maintain social distancing at all times.  

The Clubhouse remains closed except for access to the toilets and token machine.   The showers are closed and players should arrive at the club ready to play - no changing in the clubhouse.  

Playing at the club

Informal social play.  From Monday 14 September, group size is limited to a maxium of 6 people.  Groups of four must be fixed for the whole duration of the session.  Partners within this four can switch, but no switching between other groups.  Rules regarding social distancing and socialising before and after the game remain the same, with increased emphasis on the illegality of moving outside a bubble of 6 maximum. 

Organised Activity for larger groups including coached session, club nights and competitions is permitted as an exception to the limit of 6 provided that the activity is in accordance with Covid-19 Secure guidelines published by the LTA for venues, coaches and competitions.  If you are the organiser of a group which is larger than the 6 person limit, you can apply to the club to operate as an Organised Activity.