Junior Competition Summary for 2017

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Below is a summary of what happened at Telford in 2017:

Mini Tennis Festival (March 2017)
Matches played: 69
Winners: Daniel Zimmern (8&U), Tommy Cuninghame (9&U) and Oscar Pauwels (10&U)
Aegon Team Tennis 2017 (March-June 2017)
Matches played: 112
Winners: Sadly, none of our team won their respective groups despite some excellent display.
Telford Park Club Championships (June 2107)
Matches played:
Winners: Wilf Rice (8&U), Tommy Cuninghame (9&U), Oliver Scourse (10&U), Max Bavinton (12&U), Nicolas Richard (14&U), Martyna Sroka (15&U girls) and Joshua Taylor (16&U).

In doubles, Rhys Read-Beche and Angus Yule (10&U), Oscar Pauwels and Pierre Raynaud (12&U), Isla Campbell and Avery Tiday (16&U) and Geoge Prest and Finn Raben Christensen (16&U) won their category.
12&U Boys and 16&U Girls Box League (Feb 2017-Aug 2017)
Matches played:
78 including 24 girls matches
Winners: Pierre Raynaud for the boys and Sienna Truter for the girls
Mini Tennis Festival (Oct 2017)

Matches played: 39
Winners: Wilf Rice (8&U), Bede Lomas (9&U) and Angus Yule (10&U)
Surrey Junior Trophy (Oct 2017- Dec 2017)
Matches played:
30 matches including 6 for the girls
Winners: Our 13&U girls made it through to the Knock-out stage for next March and the 11&U boys have a strong chance to reach this stage too.
12&U boys, 14&U boys and 16&U girls box league (Oct 2017- March 2018)
Matches played: 34 matches being played so far with many more to come.
That is a total of 459 matches being played this year for our juniors. 60 Girls matches, 213 Mini Tennis matches and 186 Boys matches.

While those numbers are impressive, I do intend to beat this next year and aim to have 500 matches played at Telford.

The emphasis on more girls’ matches is one of my priorities to achieve with 100 matches a challenging but realistic target.

The box league has really helped children to improve their match play during the club championships and in the team competitions

As a result, we are already doing much better in the Surrey Trophy than we were in the Aegon at the start of the year.

The level of matches throughout the year has steadily increased and I look forward to see that momentum carry on in 2018.

It is a bright future for our juniors at Telford Park Tennis Club.

Sebastien Blanchon Junior Competitions Manager