Renewals 2020/2021

All renewals this year will be done online via Clubspark.  Payments will be be direct debit via Go Cardless.

When you receive the invite to renew, click on the link and you will be taken through the renewal and payment process.

Your invitation will lead you to the same type of package that you currently have - if you want to change the type of membership for next year, please contact Juliet.

If you haven't registered with Clubspark yet, you will need to do this prior to renewing.

The deadline for renewals is 31 March - after this your membership will expire.  At this point we will offer places out to the waiting list, so please renew in good time!

It would also be very helpful to us if you could make sure that your Clubspark profile is up to date, with all your family members and contact details entered.  This will enable us to make sure you receive all the club communications that are appropriate to you.

If you have any queries, please email